Atlantic Tech On-site Breakdown & Warranty Contracts

On-site Breakdown & Warranty Contracts

ATS Engineer & Van

Economical Breakdown & Warranty protection for your wide format printers, which provides security, peace of mind and importantly reduces your annual costs.

What sets Atlantic Tech Services apart from the rest?

With an ATS Breakdown & Warranty contract you will enjoy peace of mind and extend the life of your printer. But it’s the all-inclusive protection that really sets an ATS contract apart from a manufacturer’s or an alternative 3rd party support contract. ATS contracts provide protection for all Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic breakdown or failure of a part or component. If a part breaks, snaps, shears, shatters, seizes, electronically or electrically fails or burns out, we’ll fix it. Simply put, we offer fully comprehensive and rapid-response cover, with no additional or hidden costs.

Media Head Strike Protection

Other service contracts often include numerous disclaimers stipulating what items are and are not covered, particularly when it comes to Print Head replacement. ATS contracts will protect your printer against Media Head strike, so if the heads are damaged by the transport of media, then the Print Head replacement costs are covered by the ATS contract.

Key benefits of our On-site Breakdown & Warranty Contracts

  • Competitively priced contracts
  • Nationwide rapid response breakdown cover provided by our national network of fully trained field service engineers.
  • Comprehensive all-inclusive Breakdown and Accidental Damage cover included as standard in a premium contract.
  • Media Print Head strike protection and replacement.
  • Payment can be made in monthly instalments – no need for a single lump sum payment in advance.
  • Many commonly reported faults can be resolved by advice given over the telephone – our fully trained engineers aim to respond to all calls within an hour of reporting the breakdown to help get you running again with minimal fuss.
  • We are not restricted to office hours so, subject to availability of a qualified engineer in your area, repairs can sometimes be carried out outside of normal working hours without any additional surcharges.
  • ATS contracts cover all parts, labour and travelling costs - call us for specific terms on your wide format printer.
  • Warranty for your wide format printer is available from as little as £1.60 per day.

Comprehensive On-site Cover with 8-hour Response

Your support package covers all telephone support, Parts, Labour and Travelling costs within the UK for a fixed period. Optional all-inclusive Head Strike and Accidental Damage cover is also available as standard in our premium contract.

Your ATS on-site service and support specifically covers

  • All mechanical, electrical and electronic parts and components.
  • Print heads and ink train when used with appropriate and recognised ink systems and when maintained within manufacturers' recommended guidelines.
  • Chassis, covers and fittings.
  • Help Desk support.
  • On-Site, Telephone and Email support included.

All-inclusive Protection with Accidental Damage

Accidents happen. Something as simple as an incorrectly loaded roll of media leads to a print head crash. Did you realise that most standard OEM and 3rd party contracts do not provide cover for such eventualities?

All premium contracts provided by ATS include as standard our all-inclusive protection inclusive Head strike and Accidental Damage cover for the type of repairs described in the preceding paragraph.

With this level of fully comprehensive protection, an ATS contract gives you complete peace of mind.

Cover is provided on an Annual Contract basis. However our ‘easy pay’ scheme allows for payment to be made in monthly instalments – so there is no need for a single lump sum payment in advance.

Once purchased, cover will be ongoing until terminated by either party giving the other not less than 60 days notice in writing, expiring at the end of any calendar month.

Breakdown Procedure with our Help Desk Logging

In the event of a printer failure, our priority is your priority - getting the printer working as quickly as possible. We therefore make things as simple as we can for you.  Once you have called our Help Desk we act immediately to arrange a call from one of our engineers or an on-site visit. Our aim is to get the printer fixed for you in the quickest possible time.

We are not restricted to office hours so, subject to availability of a qualified engineer in your area, repairs can even be carried out outside of normal working hours without any surcharges.

What Wide Format Printers do ATS cover?

  • Epson
  • HP
  • Mimaki
  • Mutoh
  • OCE
  • Roland
  • Seiko
  • Neolt

ATS Breakdown Contract Description

Breakdown means the sudden and unforeseen failure of a Part or Component arising from any permanent Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic failure, defect, causing the sudden stoppage due to a part being broken, deformed, seized, snapped, sheared, shattered, burnt out or suffering a component malfunction, necessitating the immediate repair or replacement before the normal operation can be resumed. Adjustment means the mechanical adjustment of any Part or Components, which are non-operator controlled, such as drive path systems. Component means any Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic part, which forms part of the printer’s original specification.

ATS Breakdown Protection Summary

  • Any Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic breakdown or failure of the printer which requires repair or replacement of a part, including mechanical adjustment, fluctuation of electricity supply.
  • All Parts, Labour and Travelling charges included


  • Routine and Preventative Maintenance.
  • Cleaning work.
  • Consumables and limited life items.
  • Incorrect setting of automatic controls.
  • Cosmetic damage which does not effect the operation of the equipment.
  • Gradual deterioration.
  • Software faults.
  • Misuse and/or neglect.
  • Consequential losses.
  • Printer upgrades

Extent of cover is for an unlimited number of breakdowns during the period of cover, up to £30,000 per breakdown.

Pre-Contract Inspection

Selecting an ATS contract may or may not require a site visit. A link is given to submit a test file, which must be printed and returned within seven days. It will be looked at and a decision can then be made to either put the printer on immediate cover or arrange a site visit to carry out any necessary pre-contract repairs.

Any work required to bring the printer into working condition will be separately chargeable.