ATS Contract / Warranty Breakdown - Comparison

Contract / Warranty – Comparison

See our comparison table to show the clear difference between our wide format equipment support packages:

Extended Warranty &
Accident Damage
Telephone SupportTickTickTick
On-Site repair inclusive:TickTickTick
Parts costsTickTickTick
Labour costsTickTickTick
Travelling costsTickTickTick
Print Head media strike/crashTickCrossTick
Print Head cover for Mechanical,TickTickTick
- Electrical & Electronic BreakdownTickTickTick
Mechanical Breakdown - for a Part or Component that:TickTickTick
- BreaksTickTickTick
- Bends/DeformedTickTickTick
- SnapsTickTickTick
- ShearsTickTickTick
- ShattersTickTickTick
- SeizesTickTickTick
Mechanical adjustmentsTickTickTick
Electrical BreakdownTickTickTick
Electrical Component burn outTickTickTick
Electrical Motor burn outTickTickTick
Electrical short circuitTickTickTick
Electrical power surge/spikeTickTickTick
Electronic Breakdown and failureTickTickTick
Voltage fluctionsTickTickTick
Accidental Damage due to:TickCrossTick
- Operator Error when loading mediaTickCrossTick
- Operator Error in normal operationTickCrossTick
Email SupportTickTickTick
Web SupportTickTickTick